Before you head out to the nearest dealers to buy a forklift, you must first educate yourself on the possibilities and features of forklifts. Take your time, ask questions and compare notes from a few dealers.

What is a forklift?

A forklift is an industrial truck powered by fuel or electricity. It is used to move heavy objects over short distances. Developed in the early 20th century, it is now a staple sight at construction sites, warehouses, dockyards, etc.Over time, many features and advancements have been implemented. Hence, there is a kind of forklift for every need.


Forklifts operate mostly on rear wheel steering. This allows it to negotiate small and tight corners. Considering its structure and the weight it is carrying, there is no surprise that it can be unstable. Care must be taken to keep the weight and center of gravity within control to prevent a tip over. It is possible to attach several fixtures, one at a time, to the forklift, to increase functionality. Some of these attachments include rotator, side shifter, fork positioned, carton clamp, pole attachments, etc.


There are many types of forklifts available in the market. These include cushion forklifts, pneumatic trucks, pallet jack trucks, narrow aisle trucks, articulated counterbalance trucks, Omni-directional trucks, etc.

Safety features

Any machine or vehicle needs to be operated with care and forklifts are no different. Due to its size and functionality, the driver needs to be specially trained. Care must be taken to ensure that the weight being lifted is not over the limit line. Also ensure that the center of gravity is maintained, especially when attachments are fixed. The forklift should also not be driven at speed when carrying heavy loads or when negotiating tight corners. It cannot be used as a personnel lift until a cage is fixed. Several standards have been set up for safety features. This includes ANSI, OSHA and HSE. While each standard is generally enforced in a particular country, the machines being built have overall compliance. Load back rests; overhead guards, etc. are now added to forklifts to ensure operator safety. They also improve comfort and thus the overall productivity.

Power source

Forklifts generally run on diesel, gasoline, LP Gas, cells, etc.


You will probably have many dealers who deal with forklifts in your area. Some of them like all lift of Georgia Inc., etc. deal with both new and used goods. You might not want to spend a lot of money acquiring a new model when a used one would do. The dealers buy used forklifts and recondition them before reselling them in Atlanta. Another option widely available is the truck for rent. You will not have to buy a forklift if you do not plan on using it regularly. For your immediate uses, you can hire a model. You may even hire a used forklift in Atlanta.
Dealerships usually have several models on hand, both in the new and used categories. Some of these brands include Clark. Attachments are also available which can be fixed on to the forklift. Again, these attachments may be new or used. The reconditioned trucks carry a 90 day warranty. Other goods available at dealerships are commercial bins, industrial racking, handcarts, spares, attachments, etc.

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